DomProv translations


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What languages do you translate?

This is what our clients ask us most often. We have a team of native-speaking specialist translators and editors for 31 languages.

Do you do certified translations?

Yes, we have a large team of certified translators specialised in various fields (technical, scientific, legal, financial, commercial, etc.).

What is your turn around time?

We always adapt to our clients’ needs.

Do you translate tenders and competitions?

We are specialists in public tenders and competitions on the international market. We translate contract specifications (memorandums, annual accounts, instruments, powers of attorney, certificates) and technical documentation at every stage of your projects.

Do you revise translations before delivering them?

Naturally, this is a key requirement under our internal quality procedures. By language and field, we assign a team of native-speaking specialists to check over the end product.

What formats do you deliver translations in?

We can deliver documents in practically any format, in both Windows and Mac environments, from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF to InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or AutoCAD.

Do you make up documents after translating texts?

Yes, and we have a graphic design, layout, photo-editing and advertising creativity department.

Do you offer document legalisation?

Yes, we process the legalisation of documents with professional associations, the Notarial Association, the Companies Registry, the Justice Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and embassies or consulates.

Do you have confidentiality agreements with clients and your specialist associates?

Naturally, as we believe this is vital. We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients and with all our specialist associates.

What are your rates?

From 0.07 euros/word. We offer no-obligation quotes.

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